Scenic elements – Dragone Le Rêve – Wynn Las Vegas

Diamond on stage

The Pièce Montée and the Tree are ones of the main elements of scenic equipment made by Show Canada Industries for Dragone Productions. These equipments are use in the show called “Le Rêve” created, directed and produced by Franco Dragone and still presented at the Wynn Las Vegas Resort’s Water Theatre.

La Pièce Montée is inspired by architectural fountains, creating many acrobatic performance platforms with many different levels.  Each of the tables is considered to be an acrobatic apparatus. The Tables consist of three levels of stainless steel 316L welded together; the top platform, the ballast tubes and the bottom platform.

The Tree is permanently submersible and made entirely of Stainless Steel 316L.  Its finish is made from a urethane/polar skin simulating the texture of a real tree (urethane). There are multiple anchor points distributed along the branches of the Tree, producing solid gripping points for the artists/performers.

The other scenic elements that are part of the show and manufactured by Show Canada are:

The Chinese Mast: It stands at 15.83 feet and is permanently submersible.  All parts are made of Stainless Steel 316L and all mechanisms to be manipulated underwater are diver friendly.  It is to be used in the middle of the turntable lift.  It also consists of a hydraulic powered rotating mast to be used by two performers.

The Cube: It is a scenic element depicting a quartz crystal surging out of a pool of water. The faces of the crystal are created using water screens. Jets incorporated into the profile structural tubing of the side frames of the cube are used to create this effect. It is also an acrobatic apparatus comprised of a number of features including high bars (third party contractor), platforms, posts, swivels and footrests.

The Hardnet: It is an acrobatic element in the shape of a sphere measuring 5’ – 7 5/8” in diameter and weighing in at 274.6 pounds. The structure is made entirely of grade 316L stainless steel tubing. All mechanisms to be manipulated underwater are diver friendly and free of any sharp edges.   The floor and foot braces are perforated on all their surfaces by 25% using 3/8” holes rendering it completely permeable.

The Track System is used to guide scenic elements to and from the deep pool storage areas and the Centre Turntable Lift.  The Track System is able to accommodate 3 scenic elements; the Tree, the Cube and the Ice.  All movements of this system take place underwater.

The Ice consists of a stainless steel frame, which can be dismantled into seven (7) pieces (including Chinese Mast Base) for transport.  The Ice frame is covered with a 1” thick EZ Glide 350 synthetic ice skating surface produced by Ice Rink Engineering and Manufacturing Company.

Pièce montée during rehearsal
The Cube in our workshop
Tree Le Rêve Dragone Shop Installation
Hardnet in our workshop