Optimus Prime Parade Float – Universal Studio Japan

Optimus float in our workshop

Building a robot is a child’s dream. Building Optimus Prime was our reality for 20 months. What a beautiful project for a company such as ours!

The Universal Studio Japan theme park has created a night parade for some of their most popular and iconic films. One of the key elements presented in the parade is Transformers film series. It is with great pleasure and pride that we were given the mandate to create one of the most famous children’s characters of all time, Optimus Prime.

In addition, we were also to create an oversized, fully motorized vehicle, which looks like an old steel bridge, to hoist this gigantic robot. It’s a parade float after all!

It was a project with many technical challenges, both in terms of the float’s mechanical features as well as the total automation of the robot. We are very proud to have overcome these challenges with the know-how and ingenuity of our fantastic team. It was a full scale business project where everyone was closely or remotely involved in this magnificent adventure.

The total weight of the float is 23580 kg for a length of 12.5 m and a 3.7 m width. Once completely transformed, Optimus reaches a height of 8.3 m. Equipped with generators of 2 x 53 KW and liquid propane, the float has a maximum speed of 3 km / h for a range of 4 hours.

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Optimus Prime - Motion tests
Optimus Float in our workshop
Fabrication of an Optimus arm