Building Structure – Seaglass Carousel – Battery Park, NY

Seaglass Building

The structure of the SeaGlass Carousel located at the Battery in Manhattan NY was conceived by WXY Architecture. Similar to the Nautilus (mollusk with a spiral shell), its design presented a great challenge due to the unique shape of its structure. The exterior of the SeaGlass Carousel is made of steel tubes and glass all around at ground floor, sitting on bases with incorporated louvers.

Clerestory windows, skylight and cylinder glass complete the curved structure with its laminated glass top oculus of a 3m diameter. 450 stainless steel roof shingles all custom made and stainless steel flashing complete the finish of this special building.

See also more details about the carousel itself here.

Building Top view at Battery Park
Spiral roof inside building
Building concept rendering
Side view inside the building
Building daylight
Spiral roof