Our Services

Project Management

Project management lies at the basis of our «turn-key project» production service. You can either commission us your entire project or you may wish to simply use our aid to securely produce your dream projects in time. Our specialists have all the necessary experience to accommodate your every need.



Ideas and production are the two main criteria that our design department takes into account. From your ideas, we can develop thousand ways to achieve the desired result.


Our engineering team is notable for its experience in various fields, such as structure, electricity, mechanics, automation, etc. They are a multidisciplinary team that offers follow-up throughout the entire project, no matter where in the world. They pay particular attention to the safety of designed equipment and guarantee construction quality.



Whether you wish to use our «turnkey» solution or simply commission us with the production of your project, our workshop will welcome your ideas and help you materialize them.

Our teams of electricians, mechanics, welders, carpenters, assemblers and workers operate in our three workshop spaces with total area of 6000 square meters and maximum height of 22 meters.

Prior to final installation on site, we pre-assemble parts in our workshop and run all the function, capacity and noise tests.

Installation and maintenance

We install your project on the site of your choice, anywhere in the world and in accordance with established quality and safety standards.

We provide technical support and post purchase service for all our systems developed, manufactured and installed by Show Canada.